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Amahi 5.1 Release Notes

  • Make all usernames created with the Amahi interface be all lowercase bug 392 to cover for Fedora 12 bug 550732 (believed to be fixed on Fedora 13)
  • Fixes for properly allowing DNS resolution over VPN (this was a nice solution to a long standing issue!) bug 400
  • Add diskmounter script as hda-diskmount, so that it's much easier to access. Simultaneously, substantially improve the way the diskmount script sets up mounts and suggests how to mount them permanently
  • Tweak TimeZone setting for PHP applications bug 397
  • httpd was being attempted to be restarted over and over due to a bad path to the pid file in monit
  • Fixed location for the two RPM Fusion apps (bug 382)
  • Closed bug 374: Username less than 2 characters return HTTP Error 422
  • Closed bug 389: first user is not in "users" group
  • Closed bug 396: if the user has cookies disabled, we should indicate it
  • Improvements for bug #91 for supporting RoR apps (this is part 1 of, hopefully, 2)
  • Closed bug #404 admin users cannot be deleted, to prevent accidentally lock oneself out of your own HDA
  • Closed bug #12 by adding a reboot and a poweroff button. Also added info on uptime and load as a bonus
  • Improvements to the installer for VPSs
  • New translation to Portuguese (Portugal), update to Polish translation and initial support for Japanese!
  • Updated the Adding a second hard drive to your HDA wiki to adapt the new location for the hda-diskmount script

To Do

* All done and released!