Amahi 5.4

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  • The installed applications show first on the apps tab so that it loads much faster
  • The servers tab is no longer an advance setting. It's directly under Settings now, easy to reach
  • The default workgroup is now set to WORKGROUP, for easier interaction with Windows clients
  • A handful of application compatibility improvements. More apps, more goodness!
  • Multiple installation optimizations that greatly speed up installation in cases where some packages are already installed
  • Fixes for a particularly pesky upstream glitch in ruby libraries.
  • Improvements in hda-diskmount to be way more flexible and for mounting Mac OS X HFS drives
  • Timezone setup fixes for PHP apps
  • API bindings for PHP Amahi-native apps (work in progress)
  • Show more system info, like uptime, load, architecture, etc.
  • Lots of improvements for the Express CD

Blog announce for Amahi 5.4