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Hardware Requirements

In general, follow system requirements for the base operating system of the Amahi version you wish to use, but otherwise...

  • The machine should be at least Pentium4 or AMD CPU running at 1.0 GHz minimum
  • Recommended minimum RAM:
    • 512MB (Fedora 14, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS)
    • 768MB (Fedora 19/21/23 Server)
  • Recommended minimum free disk space:
    • 5GB (Fedora 14/19, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS)
    • 10GB (Fedora 21/23)
  • CD/DVD Boot device (DVD preferred)
  • No more than ONE wired network interface. It MUST be a wired interface to the network.

NOTE: Amahi does not support systems with more than one network interface enabled. Please disable all but one of the network interfaces in your system. It appears that the order of enumeration is not reliable with more than one network interface and this often leads to trouble.

Long-term Recommendations

There are two basic recommendations to run an Amahi Linux Home Server, once installed:

  1. Run your network with your server's DNS (and DHCP, for ebst results). This is best done by disabling the DHCP server on the router in your network
  2. Run it 24x7, or at least any time any machine is on on your network.
  • In addition, for Remote Access, some ports need forwarded to your Amahi HDA server
  • Knowing or being familiar with Linux/Unix is NOT a requirement, but it helps.