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Amahi 7 for Fedora 19
Maintenance Support ONLY!

NOTE: The one-click VNC App has become unstable and moved to ALPHA status for Amahi 7 until we can resolve the issues.


The Amahi 7 Express Disc install does not install the graphical user interface gnome. This Guide instructs you on how to install the chosen desktop if using Fedora 19 or later. After Amahi Express has finished installing, execute the following commands:


Become root:

su -

Enter your password for the root user. Now you will enter the command that will install the various packages to create a usable GUI. For users who would like Gnome 3, enter

yum -y install @gnome

For the users who want Mate, enter

yum -y install @mate

For the users who want XFCE, enter

yum -y install @xfce

There are several other GUI desktop environments that are easy to install this way. To list all the available environment groups enter this in the command line

yum group list

Configure Your Display

If you used the above method of installing a graphical desktop then you will not need to configure X11.

Force GUI on Boot

Next we need to make sure it boots into init 5. This used to be done by editing the inittab to use 5 instead of 3 as it's default. In Fedora 19 and above the inittab is not used. Instead, issue command to make the graphical user interface the default.

ln -sf /lib/systemd/system/ /etc/systemd/system/

You can now either reboot or boot into the GNOME/KDE Desktop:


If you wish to disable this in the future and/or want to uninstall the GUI run the following command. This will cause your HDA to boot into init 3 again.

ln -sf /lib/systemd/system/ /etc/systemd/system/

Automatic Login

If you want a specified user to login (if you are using MythTV or some other app which requires the X Server) then please do so with these instructions.


The Amahi Team