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This is the knowledge base wiki for Amahi the home server. Please add or edit any information in this Wiki that you feel is lacking, missing, or needs improvement.


  1. Current stable release: Amahi 11, Fedora 27.
  2. Amahi one-click applications are typically updated for the latest stable release ONLY.
  3. This wiki is built to provide support for the stable release primarily.
  4. Registration in this wiki is subject to manual approval due to spam considerations.
  5. Maintenance Support ONLY indicates all Amahi updates (i.e. platform, applications, etc) have been halted.



Refer to the troubleshooting page for assistance.


Remote Access

Accessing your HDA from anywhere on the network


Redundant Storage Pooling for your files


Using your HDA to manage your home network

Additional Functionality

Community Tutorials

Contributed by the Amahi user community

Roadmap & Development

The core team ONLY supports Ubuntu and Fedora development at this time. All others are being supported by the user community.

ACTIVE: Released or Development In Progress

INACTIVE: Unsupported or Development Stopped


How you can help

Related Links

  • Developers: How to write HDA apps, questions, API suggestions, etc.
  • Credits: How are we doing all this? We have many OSS projects to thank!