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Following this procedure will allow you to change the IP address (IPv4 3rd position) of the HDA, DHCP server range, and network gateway (router) for your network. As with all changes to networking configuration, have a good knowledge of what you are doing and plan your changes carefully.

NOTE: This will not allow you to change the HDA IP address (IPv4 4th position), only make them match the change to the network gateway (IPv4 3rd position). Amahi DHCP server assigns IP addresses (IPv4 4th position) < 100 for Static IP Reservations and > 100 are for DHCP leases. This CANNOT be changed at the current time.

Amahi 10 or greater (Fedora)

The graphical interface is broken (Bug #2285).

The best way to do this is via command line. Follow the Amahi 6 instructions below.

Amahi 7 or greater (Fedora)

  • Verify Advanced Settings is enabled
  • Select Network tab, then Settings
  • Click on Gateway and change to desired IP address
  • Select Change to complete

Amahi 6 (Ubuntu 12.04.x)

  • Open terminal as root.
    • You'll be asked for a password.
    • This is the first password you created when installing your Amahi server, NOT the password you added later and usually use to login. (If it will not accept your password, boot your server off of the installation DVD or the first CD into rescue mode and use the passwd command to change the root password ).
  • Enter hda-change-gw 192.168.x.x and press Enter.
    • For the first x, enter any number you like between 1 and 255.
    • The second x should be the gateway address of your network, which is usually 1.
    • This will also change the HDA IP address and DHCP Server Range to match the gateway.
      • For example, if you change the gateway from to
      • HDA IP is but would be changed to automtically.
      • DHCP Server Range is but would automatically change to
  • You will get "Network settings were successfully applied. Your HDA services have been restarted....It is strongly recommended that you reboot all systems on your network at this point."
  • Reboot the Amahi server FIRST. Then reboot any other computers on your network that are running - or you can release and renew their IP addresses if you know how to do that.

If you run the ifconfig command from a terminal window after the Amahi server reboots, it will give you the server's new IP address. The address will typically be 192.168.x.200 where x is the number between 1 and 254 that you entered in the third position when you entered the hda-change-gw command.