Enhancing the testing program

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The current testing program does not work well. How can we improve it to make it run smoothly?

New people usually crave one app. Some people work towards fixing things and others simply do not try too hard (filing bugs or researching). Some may be too busy, but they still want to help.

That could be due people just are impatient and do not want to try the app or it is difficult to contribute back. This can cause a issue of a application being released to early with bugs.

Known Issues

  • Not easy for users to see what bugs there are for a given app
  • Bugs have to be manually linked by the testmasters, in order for the app packager and other interested people to be notified


  • A "watch" button to an app to get notifications on the app progress/issues/news
  • A better way to know the app status than currently color coding (Re: There needs to be known stages for that the application needs to go though and what states the application is in should also be noted)
  • A link to the upstream application (DONE - maybe make it more visible?)
  • A Link to the list of known bugs
  • A link on how to report a bug for the application
  • A link to the place of discussion of the application (we do have some support for this - however, it's hard to create a new forum)