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Advantages of the Express Installation

The Amahi Express CD gives you numerous advantages over the traditional Amahi installation

  • Headless means that there is no desktop after install. This means faster and meaner system, with no wasted resources on graphics or desktop.
  • All-in-one means most necessary packages are included, much less downloading necessary
  • Up-to-date means we have included the latest upstream updates from Fedora in it as well as the latest goodies from Amahi at the time the CD was pressed!


Please make sure your understand this:

Express means that it will automatically WIPE OUT your entire computer (unless you chose the expert option). All the drives connected at the time of the install will be WIPED OUT. Unplug from the system or take out any drive you do not want wiped out (you can add it later).

Download via Bittorrent

32 bits ISO: For use with 32 bit and 64 bit processors to include Intel Pentium III and IV, Core Duo, AMD Athlon etc.

64 bits ISO: For use with new dual, triple, quad, hex core processors to include Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad, AMD Phenom, Athlon II, Athlon X2 etc.

Bittorrent (recommended):

    32bit Bittorrent Download
    64bit Bittorrent Download

ISO Verification

The downloads above can be verified with the following Express CD Checksums.

You can obtain the checksums by running:

    sha1sum some.iso
    md5sum some.iso

And one Windows you can use one of the utilities listed here:

    Md5 Checking Tools

Download via HTTP

Direct (http) download (NOT recommended):

    Express CD Direct (http) 32bit download
    Express CD Direct (http) 64bit download

CD Cover

If you would like to print a CD cover for the Express CD, visit the Express CD cover page!


You will need a monitor and a keyboard to install. Pop the CD into the PC and follow the prompts!

Log in on your Amahi Dashboard

Once you have installed using the Amahi Express CD, you can login on http://hda using the following credentials:
Username: admin
Password: admin


We have a page to track Express CD troubleshooting.

GUI Installation

As a desktop environment is not installed we have complied two methods. Please take a look at our GUI install wiki page for this. Alternatively we are testing the gnome desktop app for future implementation.

Kudos and Credits

Special thanks to Solomon (aka slm4996), and Rod Waldren ... great work!