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  • FireFly is built to be the best server software to serve digital music to the Roku Soundbridge, Songbird, and iTunes; to be able to serve the widest variety of digital music content over the widest range of devices.
  • Most users can simply copy their files to the music directory and access them with iTunes (or similar).
  • For hard core users, to access the web UI simply access the URL http://hda:3689
    To access the UI the default:
    • user: admin
    • password: mt-daapd


  • If you are unable to see the AmahiTunes in Windows Vista, check that the Bonjour Service is running, and set the service is set to Automatic.
  • Sometimes the AmahiTunes server may not appear in iTunes on XP/Vista machines.

One solution is to restart the "Bonjour Service" - this is sometimes stopped by Apple's installers. Details here.

  • For new users and you have the latest version of Itunes. To see the amahitunes in the sidebar in itunes. Go to your Preferences under itunes, then to sharing tab then click to tell itunes to look for shared libraries
  • Songbird requires the "Songbird DAAP Client" addon. As of Jan 2010, you may have to manually edit the addon to get it to work with the current version of Songbird -- see comments on the Addon's page.
  • Sometimes Amahitunes will not pick up songs from a Greyhole pooled share. In this case point Amahitunes to the samba mount at /etc/samba. It may be necessary to first run the mount_local_shares script as shown at


Using ssh to listen to Amahitunes