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Warning.png WARNING
This is only for developers. Not ready for Production!

See Amahi Docs for the officially supported version, Amahi 9 on Fedora 23.


Develop and test installation of Amahi 9/10 with Fedora 25 for the next Amahi release.

To Do

  • Create Amahi repo
  • Create apps
  • Test Apps
  • Build Amahi-specific RPMs (amahi-anywhere, amahi-greyhole, amahi-plex, amahi-sync, amahi-netboot)
  • Add Netatalk, RPM Fusion Free, RPM Fusion Non-Free, and HandBrake-cli to Amahi repo
  • Test Netinstall method
  • Build apps testbot
  • Test upgrade (23 to 25)
  • Custom Fedora 25 CD with Kickstart (Bug #2143)

Recommended Changes

New Features

  • Bring back the Debug tab (Bug #1373)
  • Sort Apps/Tab View in Dashboard (Bug #2107)
  • Add Troubleshooting URL to Dashboard (Bug #2112)
  • Add Common PHP Extensions (Bug #1900)
  • Add 7 Zip Archiver (Bug #1934)
  • Link Dashboard Help to Wiki (Bug #1822)
  • Add Dependency to Installer (Bug #1755)
  • Dashboard should show a warning when being accessed as an IP address (Bug #1608)
  • App Install Failure Link (Bug #1918)
  • Share variables for install script (Bug #1627)
  • Option to add to Samba Global settings (Bug #1341)
  • Log view in Dashboard App/Server Tab (Bug #2108)
  • Capability to rename server (Samba) to something other than \\HDA (Bug #1898)
  • Add access control for all users in the system (Bug #2099)
  • Simple setup for remote access of Web Apps (Bug #1859)
  • IPv6 support (Bug #1568)
  • Multiple install of web apps (Bug #1939)
  • Using wildcard DNS aliases (Bug #1721)
  • Inform user of app upgrade via dashboard (Bug #1512)

Bug Fixes

  • Webapps and dns aliases get stuck after a bad app install (Bug #1586)
  • Some Default DNS Aliases Broken (Bug #1342)
  • Dashboard reflects MariaDB server not running (Bug #1802)
  • Samba Config Errors (Bug #1841)
  • OpenVPN Server Status Shows "Stopped" (Bug #1910)
  • DNS bug block website if Fixed IP host name is "TV" Reproducable with other domains (Bug #1896)
  • Deleting user does not delete their home directory (Bug #1844)
  • HDA File Search (Bug #1786)
  • DNS Server (Bug #1776)
  • Access control not working if proxypass is used (Bug #2015)

Install from Scratch

Fedora 25

Download Fedora 25:


  • Should be able to follow the Amahi 9 Install guidance but substitute Fedora 25 for the OS download
  • Change the first line to read:
rpm -Uvh

Upgrade from Fedora 23

  • Should be able to follow the Amahi 9 Upgrade guidance.
  • Change the Do the live update over the network line to read:
fedup -y --network 25 --nogpgcheck --allowerasing

Application Testing (Grinder)

  • 261 apps available

Development Notes