Amahi 5.3

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This is no longer supported.

Release Notes

  • Disk Pooling, using Greyhole technology (Thanks Guillaume!):
    • Virtual multi-drive disk
    • File replication, 2 to max-number of disks in the pool!
  • Application environment variables, for more flexible packaging of apps
  • Translation/localization improvements for: Norwegian (Norsk and Bokmål, bug #447), Spanish, French, Dutch, Bulgarian, Portuguese/Portugal, Chinese, Indonesian (Thanks translation team!)
  • New translation: Japanese (Thanks Shingo!)
  • Multiple UI improvements across the setup pages, for usability and consistency:
    • Nice images for the status of the servers area (see the eye candy)
  • Application dependencies: install multiple applications that depend on others, in just one click
  • Installer improvements:
    • More reliability when the installer starts (sinatra installs, remove sinatra-sequel)
    • Better messages, more up to date
  • A lot of updates related to building .deb packages for Ubuntu support (Thanks anzenketh!)
  • Fixed exception caused by deleting a calendar (#506)
  • Revamped calendars area and added the ability to create a new empty calendar to make it much easier to use them in clients
  • Use reload instead of restart in samba when updating the platform
  • Bug in the way the ajax spinners are generated - add semicolon everywhere, for more robust operation
  • Make sure the network device is always enabled ONBOOT in the installer and the HDA daemon
  • Do not show partitions of less than 200mb to add to the Greyhole disk pool, so we block adding nearly-to-full partitions to the GH pool

Known Issues

  • You may be getting sabnzbd failed to start missing depends (cheetah,cherrypy, sqlite). This needs to be fixed. The workaround is to install chrrypy with yum by hand.
  • Some greyhole warnings are needed for / partitions or other things that are not too smart to add to a pool