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Warning.png WARNING
Amahi 8 is the latest stable release.


  • I installed the Amahi 6 beta. Do i need to reinstall? Good news! NO need to reinstall! The update is automatic a few hours after the repos are updated, your HDA will have the latest bits!
  • Is the Express CD ready? Are all the apps ready? Nope, sorry. We are going to work on the apps and the express CD next!
  • What architectures are supported: 32bit and 64bit x86 architectures (ARM is not yet supported in Amahi 6)
  • Can I upgrade from Amahi 5: yes, with caution and patience. See below. You don't have to, however. Your Amahi 5 server will continue running for years if you let it run!
  • I need help installing Fedora 14! Check the Fedora 14 install guide

Release Notes

  • Based on Fedora 14
  • Massive Greyhole-related improvements in Amahi support for it and in GH itself which is shipping at 0.9.1 today (vs 0.7.5 before). See the section below for a listing
  • Initial support for right-to-left-languages, stating with Hebrew support (need work on the themes, see bug 773)
  • Anonymous/Guest access to shares
  • Easy to add webapp aliases - makes it much easier to host apps on the web from your own HDA
  • Updates to: Japanese, Romanian, Polish, Spanish, Russian, and many other translations
  • App installer now has a fall-back mirror for app downloads. This will improve app installs substantially
  • Databases from apps are automatically backed up after app uninstall, keeping track of the latest backup
  • Added support for localized share names, user's names, etc. (bugs 746 749)
  • Also updated scriptaculous and prototype (JavaScript libraries)
  • Simplify shares, by only showing tags while in advance settings is on, since they did not evolve to full use
  • Improve recognition of PIDs in server (bug 758)
  • Improved DNS and DHCP settings, so that they are way more customizable for power users (bug 714)

Updating from Amahi 5 to Amahi6

  • First, the general recommendations is: BACK UP YOUR DATA
  • Then do the internet-based F12 to F14 update including Amahi
  • Untested: the DVD-based method, as outlined in the Upgrade your Distro page is not well tested as far as we know.

Greyhole-related Improvements

The Greyhole package that is now part of Amahi has been upgraded from version 0.7.5 to 0.9.1 (the latest). Here's what 0.9.1 has to offer, versus 0.7.5 and earlier.

Amahi-Greyhole changes:

  • Amahi-Greyhole now defaults to using MySQL as a back-end, instead of SQLite. This comes with a 10x performance improvement while processing file operations, which will in turn transform into a substantial speed improvement when Greyhole is moving new files into the storage pool, especially for small files.
  • Sync Greyhole configuration with the shares configuration when shares are deleted (bug 610)
  • Protect against reinstalls and Greyhole DB setup (bug 762)
  • Fix to make Greyhole handle millions of files in the spool directory. It could lead to hitting memory limits (bug 769)
  • Double check that shares added to the pool are actual mountpoints (bug 611)

Greyhole changes:

  • Small performance improvements here and there.
  • --fsck can now find files that are in the storage pool, but for which there is no symlink on the share, and no metadata (tombstone) files.
  • The daily --fsck will now only run when the configuration files changed since the last --fsck. A weekly unconditional --fsck is still scheduled.
  • Keep files last modified and created dates.
  • New --status command-line option, to display what Greyhole is currently doing.
  • Use a spool directory to log pending file operations, instead of using syslog.
  • Fix multiple issues that would cause files to be sent to the attic (Recycle Bin), or end up with the wrong filename or path, when renaming files or directories.
  • Fix to allow space characters in paths to drives included in the storage pool.
  • Fix for non-english systems, that confused Greyhole when looking for free space stats.
  • Fix to ignore comments in smb.conf
  • Fix an issue where having an iTunes library on a Greyhole share could cause problems. In particular, importing a video, and changing it's type to TV Shows would make the file disappear from the iTunes library.
  • --balance could misbehave when the drive with the most free space had 1+ twin (other drives with the same amount of free space)
  • Fix an issue that would make Greyhole take a long time to process directory renames, especially if the renamed directory has many files & subdirectories in it.
  • Greyhole would sometimes use the wrong drive, if a drive included in the pool would be a subdirectory of another. For example, having /var/hda/files and /var/hda/files/drives/drive1 in the storage pool.
  • Fix an issue where Greyhole would crash when there was too many pending file operations (in the spool directory).
  • Fix an infinite loop in --fsck when it would take more than 8 hours to run.
  • Fix an infinite loop when one of the storage pool drive is read-only.

Visit the Greyhole ChangeLog for all the gory details

To Do

There are a few things left to do that were originally targeted for this release

  • Disk-wizard
  • Greyhole related fixes
    • Handling non-linux based partitions better 543
    • Making it easier to move shares out of the Greyhole pool and "unwind" the files 510. Greyhole document on how to remove share from the pool
  • Apps, Apps, Apps!