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Amahi 7 is an almost complete re-engineering of some of the platform software to support a leap in technologies to the latest and greatest. We expect that there will be a lot of changes. Any instability should be reported quickly.


New Features

  • One-click "clearing" permissions for a share. This eliminates most needs to dive into Linux to deal with file permissions
  • Plugins for adding setup area tabs (here is how to make a new plugin)
  • More stable distribution by bundling most of the platform dependency
  • Faster and more efficient, through using performance mode in passenger
  • When a user is made admin, that user also becomes sudo-capable at the system level
  • One-click dynamic toggle in disk temperature readout between C an F
  • New initialization flow for first login, cleaner and more manageable
  • Be more permissive about capitalization in usernames, a common mistake for non-unix-natives

Features w/ Advanced Settings Enabled

  • One-click selection of the upstream DNS servers to OpenDNS, Google DNS or custom
  • Easy change of the DHCP lease time
  • Ability for users to manage their public keys! Like a pro!
  • Easy changing of the gateway

New Technology

Lots of new technology is going into Amahi 7:

  • Using Ruby 2.0, which is substantially faster than the previous version of Ruby we used in Amahi 6
  • Using a very stable yet recent Ruby on Rails (3.2.14)
  • We are using the Slim template engine for the platform, which makes it easier to manage new code
  • Based on Fedora 19, because ruby 2.0, passenger and RoR 3.x are in by default in it
  • New plugin system where simple plugins can be easily generated and developed for the Amahi setup area. See the docs about plugins for details on how to develop one of your own

NOTE: We're not "abandoning" Ubuntu or "going back" to Fedora. We will attempt to support both in alternate releases. However, Fedora is the first one to bring Ruby 2.0 and RoR 3.x out of the box, so far.

Missing Features

We will work on these for the next major release:

  • New disk wizard as a plugin.
  • Manual creation of web apps as a plugin.
  • Wake on LAN.

Release Notes

View the Release Notes for Amahi 7 versions detailing of bug fixes and enhancememts.