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The contents of this page have become outdated or irrelevant. Please consider updating it.

NOTE: This is for Fedora 14 ONLY and needs updated to reflect Amahi 7 specifics.

What is Netboot?

Amahi-netboot is the package that allows you to use your amahi machine as a PXE/Network Boot/tftp server with minimal configuration.

What can it do?

  1. Boot live cds
  2. Install just about any OS(Linux, BSD, even Win XP/Vista/7)
  3. Run Utility programs and CDs (Hiren's, Ultimate Boot CD)

All without burning CDs/DVDs or using USB flash drives!


  1. Working Amahi HDA
  2. "test" system running windows or another desktop OS.
  3. Both are networked using wired ethernet cables, at least while network booting.

NOTE: I've only been using amahi for a few weeks, so I'm not an expert by any means on linux, netbooting, or amahi and I don't work in the field. If I can get this running I think anybody can.

Step 1: Install amahi-netboot

From the console or putty login to your hda as root and enter

yum -y install amahi-netboot

Step 2: Setup your "test" computer

It's useful to use a virtual machine on your "test" computer so you don't have to reboot every time.

On the "test" machine Install latest Virtualbox (to include extension pack).

Step 3: Create a "test" Virtual Machine

  • Click New Button - Next->

  • Name=test-> OS=Linux-> Version=Linux 2.6->

  • Base memory size=depends on your system default=256 change to 512 or higher

NOTE: Fedora 14/Amahi require 384MiB for graphical install. Otherwise cannot customize the partition layout in text mode install


  • Create new disk= default 8Gb is fine->Next

  • VDI checked = default is fine ->Next

  • Dynamically allocated=default is fine->Next

  • Virtual Disk file location and size = default is fine->Next

  • Summary->Create

Step 4: Settings for "test" vm

  • ->Settings->System->Motherboard->Bootorder->
  • Check Network box and click up arrow to bring it to top

  • Also ->Settings->Network->Adapter1->Change "NAT" to "Bridged adapter"

Step 5: Start your "test" vm


  • You should see it startup and boot to the amahi-netboot menu.

Step 6: Works

Go to Tutorial #2

If not,

  • Double-check virtual machine settings
  • Reboot your server and start test virtual machine again
  • Go to forums and ask for help. My original post is here

Also see Netboot