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Amahi Sync is an Amahi app for syncing, sharing and backing up files from HDA shares to the cloud.

How it works

Amahi Sync runs on your HDA and monitors files in certain shares that you enable for syncing. When new files are added or deleted to these shares or files change, they are automatically synced with Amahi's cloud storage.

Amahi Sync files can be accessed in two ways:

  • Public files can be accessed via URLs under For instance, for an HDA called 'cpg', here is a sample url
  • All files (including public files) can be accessed via a very easy to use your control panel, where you can copy the URL of public files to your clipboard with one click:

Your own Files, Your own Subdomain

Each Amahi Sync account gets a free subdomain matching the nickname of your HDA under

When you add shares to Amahi Sync, you can elect to share some of these files publicly from a subdomain of it's own.

Private and Public Sharing

By default, all the files in Amahi Sync's cloud are private.

However, you can set certain shares are "shared". This does not make the files publicly listed, however, you can share URL links to the files with anyone you want. If someone has the URL to the file, they can access the sync'ed copy of the file, until you delete the file from your share.

Encryption and Security

Encryption and Security is important for Amahi Sync.

Amahi Sync's storage back-end is implemented with Amazon Web Service's S3 service.

Transmission of the files is done via an encryption channel between your HDA and Amahi Sync's back-end servers.

The files are not kept encrypted, since they are accessed through the user control panel. As well, shares enabled as public, are accessed directly via the shared URLs.