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Installing Amahi on a Virtual Machine (VM) is not too different than installing on real hardware. Many people have done it with VirtualBox, VMware Server, VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation.

The only real difference is in finding out what the network settings are, because we recommend you run the VM in NAT mode if you are testing things out, i.e. unless you plan to use the VM to serve other systems.

Install Fedora and Find the Network Settings

  • Install fedora first, in NAT mode preferably, so that you have the same network settings.
  • Find out the settings inside your VM, then program them in a profile for this HDA in To do this use:
  1. ifconfig to see your network address
  2. route -n to see your gateways' address

Installing Amahi on VirtualBox

See Amahi on VirtualBox for detailed instructions on configuring the VM and installing Amahi within it.