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This is the page where we will gather files/settings that are important to backup, and how to backup them.

Current discussions involve the following points:

Backup What

What are data files, and what are system files

  • System Files: Files from the installation source, usually default files put on by the installation media in order for the system to work as intended.
  • System Settings: Setting files for determining the behavior of the system. This would be such things as samba settings, network settings, etc.
  • Default Settings: System settings that are created as defaults during OS or Application installation.
  • Data: User data, basically all files and other data that is on a system created or otherwise put there by a user. Movies, songs, documents, and including such things as user profiles or other such data. Basically anything that is on a system for or by the user and is not included by default by installation material.

Backup How

What programs to backup, and how to automate it.

  • Full Backup: Use an image creation/restoration program such as Ghost or Clonezilla in order to make a full backup of the server.
    • Pro's: Full backup in case of server issues, including OS, System Settings, and Data.
    • Con's: Backup is only as useful as of the last backup time, large footprint with questionably useful data stored.
  • Partial Backup: Save only the important data such as System Settings and Data.
    • Pro's: Small footprint with only important data stored.
    • Con's: Requires additional steps such as recovery of the system and OS, as well as reloading System Settings and Data onto the server.

Backup Where

What is the most convient media to backup to.

  • DVD
    • Pro's Cheap material and easily expandable.
    • Con's Limited shelf life even in perfect conditions, limited space, easier to damage.
  • Flash
    • Pro's Cheap material and easy to add on to. Fairly difficult to damage.
    • Con's Limited read/write cycles, size limitations.
  • USB Drive
    • Pro's Largest capacity. Fairly difficult to damage.
    • Con's Moderatly expensive depending on size.

Backup When

Regular intervals, user specified, or no suggestion on amahi's part at all, let the user take care of it.