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The HDA has a Calendar server (WebDAV) enabled by default in Amahi 6 (Ubuntu 12.04.x).

This capability is currently broken in Amahi 7 (Amahi bug 1339) and greater. For Amahi 7 (Fedora 19) and future Amahi releases, you will need to install the Amahi Calendar application.

Using client software you can publish and also subscribe to published calendars on your HDA.

To publish or subscribe to a calendar in this server, you need:

  1. A client calendar program
  2. The publishing location or URL
  3. The calendar name of your choice, typically Home, John, etc.

In addition, you can also install a "client" application to browse calendars in your HDA, like iCalendar

Calendars can be created with widely available clients such as:

Technically, the HDA has a WebDAV server, commonly used for sharing online calendars and other files.

IMPORTANT: Only one calendar publisher is supported per calendar.

NOTE: Some clients may require that the name have the ical extension, e.g. Home.ics; you may need to experiment.

Publishing URL

The publishing URL for the calendar is



If that fails to work, try:



The <CalendarName> part maybe Home, or Home.ics (try this last one first).

Some clients, notably Sunbird, require that the name of the calendar have the ical extension (which is .ics), e.g. Home.ics. You may need to experiment with this until it works. If you calendar client asks for a username and password, use your normal login details. Please add your experiences in this page.

Names with spaces are supported.

Accessing the Calendar

We have one application called iCalendar that needs to be installed if you want to browse calendars in your hda via a web interface. Please note that this app is a read only client. It cannot create calendar entries.

The url for accessing the calendar is:


The url for setting the calendar preferences page is:


Calendar Clients

Calendars can be created with widely available clients such as:

Also see Outlook synchronization support!
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