Changing your DNS provider

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Amahi defaults to providing DNS forwarding through OpenDNS.

If you would like to change that to your router or your ISP or some other provider, follow the guidance below:

Amahi 7 or greater (Fedora)

Log in to your dashboard as your 1st admin user, the accomplish the following:

  • Verify Advanced Settings is enabled.
  • Select Network tab, then Settings.
  • Choose desired DNS provider:
    • Preconfigured (Google Public DNS, OpenNIC DNS, or OpenDNS)
    • Custom
      • Enter the IP addresses for the DNS provider.
      • Select Update DNS IPs

NOTE: You may need to renew the DHCP lease on your clients to use the new DNS provider.

Amahi 6 (Ubuntu 12.04.x)

This has to be done via command line. Issue this command, provided you have two IP addresses of the providers:


For instance, if you would like to use Google's Public DNS service, you would do:


To revert back to the default OpenDNS settings use:


In some cases you may need to use the full path for hda-change-dns

example: /usr/bin/hda-change-dns

Clear DNS Cache (Optional)


Clear out DNS cache, do the following as root user:

nscd -i hosts


sudo /etc/init.d/dns-clean