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Thank you for your interest in dedicated support for Amahi. You can use the commercial support venues for anything you want to fix or customize in your server setup, such as https access setup, help with VPN, some data recovery or troubleshooting.

Remember you can use the forums, this wiki and the IRC channel for free support.

In order to minimize the time your support call takes, we ask you to prepare as follows.


You need to be able to fulfill the following pre-requisites:

  • Be able to successfully and reliably forward ports in your modem/gateway to your HDA, either for VPN or ssh (some port like 2345 to internal port 22 of your HDA)
  • Be able to communicate via IRC
  • Be able to give admin privileges to the support person

Before Getting Started

Login to your Amahi Control Panel and find the Commercial support button to pay.

Email the support team at cs at amahi dot org with the following details:

  • Your Amahi username
  • The output of this command-line run (should be one or two URLs, one of them is enough): fpaste --sysinfo
  • A detailed description of what your goal is, what your support question or issue is about
    • Note: You cannot be detailed enough as to what you want

If it's a problem you are having,

  • You should be as precise as you can about the sequence of events that led to the issue
  • Any logs you think may be related:
    • App install issues: fpaste /var/log/amahi-app-installer.log
    • Platform issues: fpaste /var/hda/platform/html/log/production.log
    • If you can, use the the fpaste command line for any logs and for any image sharing

Remote Access

The support person from the Amahi team remotely access your HDA for diagnosis and support. This is needed for remote access:

  • SSH access (via forwarding a port (*port 2233, if possible*) to port 22 in your HDA, or
  • That the VPN to your HDA is setup and working

You can see some guides on port forwarding (which depends on your router brand and the software it runs) in this guide.

Then we will need a user to access the system:

  • There you create a local user in your HDA with username cpg, with admin privileges, and send us the credentials for that user


When you are ready, please log in to the paid-support channel for interactive help at the #amahi-cs channel in freenode.

The team is usually available during US daytime hours.