Configuring OpenDNS

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Initial Configuration

Amahi uses OpenDNS to provide Domain Name System to translate names into IP address.

Doing so, it has the power to filter or block domain names. (web sites).

OpenDNS can also provide statistics about requests on your network.

One needs to create an account with OpenDNS (free) to access all those features.

Go to

Select create account.

Once complete go to the network tab. From there add your current IP. It is showing on the upper right corner.


Under the setting tab, you can use a preset rules for filtering websites, (Adult website, P2P, drugs) or create your own set of rules, and exceptions.

You can also create shortcut ie; typing "mail" in the url bar, would open your web based email.

Dynamic IP Updater

Refer to one of the following guides for updating your OpenDNS account with your WAN IP automatically when it changes

NOTE: You may encounter issues in Fedora 19/21 with the ddclient not starting. If so, do the following as root user (refer to Red Hat Bugzilla – Bug 860310):
mkdir /var/run/ddclient
chown ddclient:ddclient /var/run/ddclient
systemctl start ddclient

Performance Impact

Do note that many major websites, download hosts and media sites are now using content delivery network. These network will resolve an IP that is closest to you for performance. Typically, when you use your ISP's DNS server, you will get an IP address within or close to your ISP's network.

If you choose to use OpenDNS, you will get IP addresses that are optimal to the OpenDNS network but maybe far away from your network. This will have performance impact for sites that are using content delivery networks.