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There are a few ways to contribute and get involved and with Amahi!

Here is a list of ideas that the community has been suggesting:

  • Contribute to this wiki! That is probably the most direct and quick way to contribute. Your experience helps others install and run their HDA!
  • Share your experience in the area or running a server and answer questions in the community forums. If you are an experienced user, others will appreciate your efforts and this will make the project more usable and successful in the long run
  • Talk about Amahi! Let people know what Amahi is about, help them install their HDA
  • Promote Amahi, such as doing a presentation to your local LUG (Linux User Group), share your presentation with others!
  • Blog or tweet about your experience with Amahi
  • Make recommendations
  • Do reviews or HOWTOs
  • Help us create a polished "press kit" of sorts that we can give when magazines and website editors ask us about Amahi
  • Create a theme or two
  • Help us write a "manual" so that it's printable (in pdf and also in paper)
  • Submit to other sites that may like it! :-)

... remember, it has to be fun and enjoyable for you, take as little time as possible, and help the community!

Aside from the above, there are two major ways to contribute in a more active role.

Types of Contributor

We have three types of contributor, from less involved to more involved:

  • Editor: editing the apps "visual" part for English readability, HTML validation, logo/screenshot "shininess" and generally making beta apps look good
  • Tester: testing, rating and sending feedback on beta apps
  • Packager: packaging apps. no programming required

You can become any (or all) of these three roles by making yourself known to the community in the forums or in the IRC channel and asking to become a contributor!

Becoming an Application Packager/Contributor

  • This is very easy. Whether you are an expert or you only know the basics of some application installation and configuration, this is a great way to contribute
  • Read the Application Contributor Guide

Other Ways to Contribute

What if I want to contribute but don't have the time to package an app?

Well here's a solution: you can find some apps for our developement team to package and we can do that for you. All you have to do is supply a link to the apps homepage and we will jump right on it. NEW app ideas to add you app ideas to the list. Any and all apps are ok.

Contributing Code

Follow this page to contribute code.