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Amahi 7 for Fedora 19
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Amahi 7 Express Disc

System crashes during Install

Install crashes after the initial information gathering section, but before the files start to be copied from the DVD:

  • Check if the BIOS has any UEFI boot settings and if so, disable them or set the options to legacy only boot.
  • Disable secure boot mode if available.

This fixed a crash with a Gigabyte motherboard.

tsc fast calibration failed

After selecting the first Install Amahi 7 option, you received the error tsc fast calibration failed. Shortly after this the screen may go blank, and although the DVD drive continued to spin for a few minutes, install may never progress.

To overcome the error, select the Troubleshooting option, and choosing the Install with basic graphics option. Installation should now proceed.

Second reboot does not occur

If the second reboot does not occur, this means the install is not finished. One reason for this to happen is a wrong setting in the Network page of your Installer. By default it says this and we recommend this is left as is:

 Hostname: localhost.localdomain

However, I had filled in my host names (which resolved).

The solution was to reinstall and leave the Network page of the installer the defaul localhost.localdomain

HTTP server is not running

After succesfull second reboot I noticed that the Amahi dashboard did not work. I noticed that there was not running the http server, via the command

 ps -ef | grep http

This command showed me that an error occurred during startup of the http service. It could not resolve the hostname I gave it:

 systemctl status httpd

These commands started the httpd server, showing me that it was started correctly:

systemctl restart httpd
systemctl status httpd

After a reboot this error occurred again. Now changing the value in /etc/hostname to


fixed this. After a reboot the http service is now started as it should be.

We recommend you leave the values in the Amahi express install at the network section to its default value:


Yum Update fails

If you try to do yum update after install and have problems, try this solution.