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Suggestions and Feature Requests

  • Boot time: need to minimize down to ? 30 sec?
  • Indicator lights: Power, Boot complete/health?, network status ... Limit to minimum number per device.

See this LED Concept

  • Remove the annoying message
Thank you for your changes. Your attention to detail is appreciated.
Clear message
when saving a wiki page.
  • User system
  • User management page (User system?): Like to see a "setup" webpage where one can:
  1. create new users with default levels or custom levels of access
  2. enable user account for (check box) for different levels of HDA features: Disk sharing(public/private), wiki, remote login, administrator rights, FTP, SSH, mail, view or program MythTV, view webcam....

To the user, he/she only has one account on the HDA, one user name (per user) for all of the services

  • In the help wiki, provide a search box.
  • I like to see either frames or a floating (popup) window with the HDA nav bar.... I want to get back to HDA home after I goto say 'router' page
  • favors tab where when I VPN into my HDA, I can have a popup showing my bookmarks... sync. with my browser would even be better!


Samba implementation is great, and I probably would have switched from Ubuntu to Fedora+Amahi if there had been a backup application that was implemented as nicely. Might not be hard to create a really nice web interface to rsnapshot? - since there is only the config file (and maybe a exclusion list file) to set up.


  • In the default image, provide some default Calendars.
  • The following is from my google calendar
  1. . Bay Area Events
  2. . Free things to do - SF
  3. . hey valleywag
  4. . San Francisco Symphony (never really updated though)
  5. . San Francisco World Music Calendar
  6. . U.S. Holidays
  7. . Canadian Holidays
  8. . French Holidays
  9. . Japan Holidays


  • Provide default album(s)
  • Couldn't export from Aperture, doesn't support XML web templates

  • Photo Grabber Application (via card reader)

Pulls the content of memory media (say attached via a USB card reader) into the pictures directory?

stage 1 implementation

  1. . So by default, it pulls it into a folder named (yyyy-mm-dd-time) w/in the pictures directory
  2. . User options: automatic loading upon insertion or manual loading via web interface
  3. . There is a way to tell the difference between a USB stick, SD/Compact flash, USB HDD... I think. I know several application I have only runs when I plug in a memory media (iPhoto, some load utility from Canon).

stage 2 implementation

  1. . Management options such as delete, move, rename folder, create folder, delete folder.
  2. . Automatic file renaming during import option (i.e. User can configure to have images images imported as (yyyy-mm-dd-####.jpg, or yyyy-mm-dd-eventname-####.jpg)

bonus round implementation

  1. . Integrate User Management systems controls such that permissions/visibility can be set.
Example usage scenario:
Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the great party!  Just got home 5 minutes ago, headed straight to bed. The pictures from the party are already up on {via Autograb}.  Just look for today's date.  I'll sort through the pictures and rename them as appropriate after I
land in Tokyo tomorrow night{via VPN and stage 2 stuff}!  Be sure to check out the ones where you were dancing on the table!

Thanks again for inviting me to the party



  • Provide default receipe(s), preferably Indian :)

Requested Applications

  1. . Movie Page for all my home movies (something like youtube, but for my movies)
  • At minimum, at least let me access my shares via a url (or is this already possible)
    • Obviously I'll want to share them in the future!
  1. . Bookmark Application
    • Would love to be able to access my bookmarks from anywhere
  2. . Video Clip Download Application
    • It'd be great if an HDA application downloaded all the top 4+ star rated videos from the various web video sites. I don't have a TV and these clips keep me entertained
    • Sites I'd use include youtube, google, revver, break, metacafe and collegehumor
  1. Wake-on-lan capability to enable server to send wake-up packet to client pc and perform backup and put client back to sleep.

Positive Feedback

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