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This page is dedicated to documentation regarding the gallery3 application.

The directory where pictures are stored in gallery 3 is known as "var/" and by default it's relative to the web app's root directory.

Moving Pictures folder in Amahi 7 or greater (Fedora)

Create the share if it's not created yet.

Follow this FAQ on how to move the var directory.

You may need to restart the httpd server.

Moving the pictures folder in Ubuntu

  1. Install gallery3
  2. su root
  3. edit /etc/passwd to allow apache2 to login (set the shell to /bin/bash)
  4. cd /var/hda/web-apps/gallery3/html/
  5. cp -R var /var/hda/files/pictures/
  6. sudo chown -R apache:users /var/hda/files/pictures/var
  7. su apache
  8. ln -s /var/hda/files/pictures/var var
  9. exit

Gallery 3 should now be directing correctly to that pictures share!