Greyhole moving data out of the pool

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This page describes how to remove a drive from Greyhole and transfer the share files to another drive.

NOTE: You can precede the commands with sudo in Ubuntu without becoming root.

You will need to start by opening terminal as root user and replace the " # " with the number of the drive you are removing.

greyhole --going=/var/hda/files/drives/drive#/gh
  • The command above will check if there are files on the drive you are removing that aren't on other drives, and if so, it will automatically transfer them to other drives. It will then remove that drive from the pool (in greyhole.conf).

Then it will automatically start a fsck to make sure there are enough file copies on the other drives. If it doesn't use the command below as root.

greyhole --fsck
  • The fsck command can re-create the landing zone, if needed, so you will not need to.
  • If you have files that are not in a share they will need to be manually moved to another drive.

An example if you are going to be removing drive1.

greyhole --going=/var/hda/files/drives/drive1/gh

Reference: See Reconnect existing Storage Pool