IPSec VPN Android Client

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IPSec VPN built-in Android (ICS, i.e. 4.x or later) Setup

Go to System settings > Wireless and Networks > VPN > Add VPN network, enter the settings below and click on Save.

  • Name: Amahi IPSec VPN
  • Type: IPSec Xauth PSK
  • Server address: YOURNICK.yourhda.com
  • IPSec identifier: Amahi (with a capital A)
  • IPSec pre-shared key:this is the 4-character you got the when you installed the IPSec VPN app in your HDA

Below you can see how the setup area looks.

IPSec VPN Android 4 edit.png

Next you touch the Amahi IPSec VPN Network to bring up the login screen

IPSec VPN Android 4 select.png

On the login screen type your HDA USERNAME and password and touch Connect.

IPSec VPN Android 4 login.png