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Theme, App and Retweet Contest

We're launching a theme, app and retweet contest for the Amahi community, celebrating the release of Amahi Plug Edition!

We're giving some Plug Computers Free, sponsored by Marvell!

Winners must be members with one HDA installed at one point or another. You have to also follow @amahi in Twitter to participate in the retweet contest.

If you have an HDA running, your chances to win double in the retweet contest.

Two Ways to Win

  1. Retweeting contest: retweet the designated tweet and one user (subject to the above) will be picked at random. We must be able to DM you to receive your username
  2. Build and release a theme or an app for Amahi - six winners!
  • Produce a theme using the guidelines on How to Create a new Theme or build a useful app using the guidelines in the Application Contributor page
  • Put the theme/app with proper description, logo and screenshot as an app in the Amahi app store (we will add you to the contributors group with your username to easily add an app).
  • Check the Theme contest page for the latest updates on themes and some inpiration!


The winners will receive Ionics Stratus Plug Computers, subject to the quantities on hand.

The winners

The core Amahi team will be the ultimate judge as to the winners in each category of themes and apps. We expect to have 6 units for themes/apps and 1 unit for the retweet contest.

Winners will be announced on the week of August 23rd.


  • The theme contest ends on August 22, 2010.
  • The retweeting contest ends 48 hours after the date of the tweet subject to retweeting.


No purchase necessary to participate. Limit one prize per person in all categories (no double-dipping). Winner is responsible for any taxes of extra postage needed on the receiving country. Number of winners subject to quantities on hand.

Oh, and have fun!