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Recommendations for use of Multicraft on Amahi.

Agreeing to the EULA

In some cases, new servers now require users to agree to the EULA in order to run a server. Mojang now requires that you accept the conditions of the EULA by agreeing to the terms in a file that is placed on your server labeled eula.txt. This is a simple text file and all that is required is to navigate to the file in your control panel and change the




You will need to set up a share (see below) to be able to access the file (or ssh into the HDA server).

Once this is completed you will need to save the file then stop and start your server. You will only need to change this once and can continue to use your server as normal.

Or to automate it there are several ways you can do that using Multicraft. Below you will find one example:

Example - Add a config file entry

You can configure the panel to treat the new eula.txt as a server configuration file so users can change it without editing the file manually. Simply go to "Settings"->"Config File Settings" and click on "New Config File Setting". Fill in the fields like this:

Name Minecraft EULA
Enabled True
File eula.txt
Options {"eula":{"name":"Accept Minecraft EULA","select":"bool"}}
Type Property File

Your users can then accept the EULA by going to "Files"->"Config Files"->"Minecraft EULA".

Do not use FTP, set up a Share

Some people like to access the server files and change them to add mods, run a different server, etc.

FTP is not a secure protocol and it's rather cumbersome to work out. For using Multicraft on Amahi, it's best to create a share pointing to the area of the app, so you and any other users in your network can add, delete or modify files in the server area (needless to say, do this carefully, as it may break the server).

To add a share, go to your HDA's Dashboard then Setup > Shares. Create a share with the name you like (e.g. Multicraft). The default settings are OK (visible and not read-only).

Once created, modify the location of the share by clicking on it and changing the location from the default to


Then you can use a share with any client you want (mac, windows, linux, ..) to mess with files in Multicraft.

Using Alternate Minecraft Servers

By default, this app comes with the standard Minecraft server, version 1.8. To upgrade this or use other server, like the optimized server or the Craftbukkit server, login as admin, then go to Settings, then click on Update Minecraft.

There are multiple steps: selecting the server kind you want to get, first download the .conf file, then install it. Then select the JAR file, followed by download and install.

Upgrading Multicraft to Version 2.0.1

Following is a step-by-step guide on upgrading the Amahi Multicraft v1.8.1 app to the latest v2.0.1.

Assumed: Multicraft 1.8.2 is already successfully running. You can log into the app, as well as have direct or SSH access to the server.

  1. Read the upgrade tips here.

  2. Download new Multicraft installer from (get the linux x64 install file)

  3. Stop your Minecraft server (use the Multicraft webb app)

  4. Stop your Minecraft daemon - using SSH:
    sudo ./var/hda/web-apps/multicraft/app/bin/multicraft stop
  5. Backup your current files.

    • If you havent already, set up a share, and change it's address to /var/hda/web-apps/multicraft

    • Copy all files and folders to a different location. Be sure to get the content of the /app/server folder in particular.

    • If you have permissions issues copying files, use the HDA Shares menu to fix permissions.

  6. Unzip (twice) the .tar file downloaded at step 2.

  7. Create a new folder, and copy all files in the installer to /var/hda/web-apps/multicraft/install

  8. Using SSH run setup:
    sudo ./var/hda/web-apps/multicraft/install/
  9. Assuming you have a default Amahi install, you will need the following information:
    install directory - /var/hda/web-apps/multicraft/app
    panel install dir - /var/hda/web-apps/multicraft/html
    user - apache:users (or simply 'apache')
    dbname - multicraft
    dbUser - multicraft
    dbPassword - multicraft
    database type - mysql
    licence (as needed, you can add it in later easily)
    ftp - no
    From memory you can leave everything else at default (it can be changed during the next phase anyway)

  10. Using your shares, check that your multicraft/app/server directory still exists (and any server files are correctly in the folder)

  11. Using your HDA click on Multicraft, then change the extension to install.php

    • This should open an installer script.

    • Check prerequisites. You will probably get a protected mode error, which doesn't matter as the Multicraft panel is only on local server anyway.

    • Click continue, and enter all details required.

  12. Assuming it all worked correctly it will now ask you to log into the new Multicraft menu. Default login and password are admin

  13. Using SSH, start your daemon:
    sudo ./var/hda/web-apps/multicraft/app/bin/multicraft start
  14. Change password, relog.

  15. Update Multicraft - update .conf and .jar files to whatever you desire.

  16. Check settings.

  17. Start Minecraft server using Multicraft panel (if not already running).

Licence: if you have a .key file, place it in /var/hda/web-apps/multicraft, stop your Minecraft server, :then reboot your server (HDA). when you start your server it will pick up the licence automatically.
You may need to reset permissions after install - use the HDA Shares menu to do so.