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Warning.png WARNING
This should only be attempted by advanced users. It also needs more proper documentation.

Amahi has a daemon that helps configure the network settings. It's called hdactl.

This network daemon can de customized by advanced users. Configuring things improperly can yield an invalid configuration and a broken DNS, DHCP or network subsystem.

The following settings can be customized by creating /etc/hdactl.conf

  • DEVICE: set it to eth1 to make services attach to eth1 (default: eth0)
  • NETMASK_SIZE: number of bits in the netmask (default: 24 ... i.e.
  • NET_START: what's the start of your network, passed into the acl trusted group (defaults to 0)
  • DYN_LO: low end of the dynamically allocated DHCP range (defaults to 100)
  • DYN_HI: high end of the dynamically allocated DHCP range (defaults to 254)

The syntax for /etc/hdactl.conf is a sequence of lines with


For example, to change the dynamic IP range:


After settings are changed, the service has to be stopped completely and started:

  service hdactl stop
  service hdactl start

for the setting to be picked up. Merely restarting or reloading the service will not do it.