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Setup for Windows
If you want to write a custom configuration, or don't want to use the HDAconnect tool, this will help you set up OpenVPN on a Windows XP/Vista/7 machine, without much of a problem if you have the default settings for Amahi installed and your port forwarding set to 1194 UDP.

Step 1: Download OpenVPN GUI from

(Click the stable link on the left, choose the installer.)

Step 2: Install OpenVPN

You can just click through, and install any drivers it asks you for.

Step 3: Writing a config file

Open a text editor of your choice, and copy the following:


dev tun

proto udp

remote YOURIPHERE 1194 #This needs to be changed per your external IP address

route vpn_gateway 3 #Use your network IP address, usually a router is at default

resolv-retry infinite




ca ca.crt

cert homehda.crt

key homehda.key


verb 3


route-method exe

route-delay 2

You only need to change the bolded text.

Step 4: Save the config file to the directory you installed OpenVPN to

There is a folder labeled configs make sure you have the extension saved as *.opvn using the "all files" option.

Step 5: Launch

Launch OpenVPN GUI, and you should be ready to go. Right click on the Icon, select the config file you wrote, connect, log in, and enjoy.