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There is now an OpenVPN iOS app in the Apple app store.

To setup your connection to your HDA, perform the following steps:

First create your ovpn file using the following (the order that these items come in is VERY important) configuration:

dev tun
proto udp
remote 1194
resolv-retry infinite
ca ca.crt
cert Amahi-Client-OpenVPN.crt
key Amahi-Client-OpenVPN.key
verb 3

Copy and paste the above into the text file. Be sure to replace the XXXX to whatever your ddns name for your HDA is. Save this file as whatever you want with the .ovpn file extension. The next step is to download the certificates. They can be found on the OpenVPN Client Certificates download page.

NOTE: In OS X create a new text file with Textedit. To change the Textedit file from .txt to .ovpn, hold down the option key whilst clicking on file. Choose save as and change file extension to .ovpn.

If you rename these certificates you will need to modify the ovpn file with the names that you saved your certs as. You are now ready to copy your files over to your iOS device. To import the certificates to your device, perform the following:

1) Connect your mobile device to your computer to sync
2) Open Apple iTunes
3) Select your device from the device list
4) Click 'Apps'
5) Scroll down to 'File Sharing', click OpenVPN, then click 'Add' on the right
4) Add the OVPN file and the certificates to your device
5) Sync your device

After syncing the device, upon opening the OpenVPN app you will be prompted to allow the new VPN connection.

Congrats! You are now connecting to your HDA via an OpenVPN connection!