Punching DNS Holes

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This is useful when you've configured your Amahi server with an internal domain that matches an external domain. If you chose to disable your router DHCP, Amahi is running the DHCP and the DNS services in your network.

If you want to access a URL (or in general any host) outside with the same domain that you have in the internal network, the local DNS server may not let you, as it will resolve locally (or not).

The easiest way to fix this is to create an alias for the external URL and effectively "punch a hole in the local DNS-server."

To do that

  • Go to Setup > Settings and enable Advanced Settings
  • Go to Setup > Networking > DNS Aliases
  • Add a new alias
  • Fill in alias: the service you want to reach on your external URL, but only the first part, e.g. "mail" or "www"
  • In the IP address field, fill in the external IP address for your external hostname. (the four sets of numbers with dots in between, e.g.


That would allow the local DNS resolve that alias to the external IP address.