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Warning.png WARNING
Ensure you know the root password before you use this method! See RULES below for more information.

Fedora 19

This capability is currently unavailable in Amahi 7 (Amahi Bug 1509), but a work around is available.

USE EXTREME CAUTION: Proceed at your own risk. This should ONLY be attempted as a last resort and you do not have any admin access to the HDA dashboard. If you corrupt the database, you will be forced to reinstall.

Perform the following steps to reset the user password to admin (recommend changing it once logged into the dashboard):

echo "select login from users" | mysql -uroot -phda hda_production
  • Enter the following (replace user name in both command lines with the user name from the previous step):
passwd user name
echo "update users set crypted_password='f0b2344ac59b55ab5f52b2984a6d1c96838b3dbf13c6d01752cc60e228043a676fabec7a07ffe7cee763aa127bd4f34b3e267861829a88c1870a198e7a01cfa6', password_salt='Qt1VlDCmyCb8KBhpsuUW' where login='user name'" | mysql -uroot -phda hda_production
NOTE: Use copy/paste for commands above. The crypted_password string is quite long and may not be completely visible.

Ubuntu 12.04.x/Fedora 21 or greater

In the event that you can't get into the web with your username and password but can still get into terminal on Ubuntu (either by SSH or from the GUI) you can still reset your password.

Run the following command:

/var/hda/platform/html/script/reset-user-password -u <username>

This will allow you to login to the web with any password and will be forced to change your password.


  • This will only work if you only have one admin in Amahi. I do not know if it changes the Fedora/samba passwords for the user, but assume it does.
  • This will be a problem if you reset your password manually using command line passwd. Only add, change, or delete users and passwords via the Amahi Dashboard!
  • Need to do some additional testing to confirm but it seems as though using this method will take the user out of the wheel group and thus not be able to sudo. Again, ensure you know the root password before using this method!