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Roksbox is a channel on Roku that allows you to stream media from your NAS to view on your TV. The following steps will set up your HDA to work with the Roksbox channel. This works for Roku HD. I cannot attest that the same will work on other models.

1) Go to \\HDA, Setup, Webapps, Create New Web App

2) Name your new web app "roksbox"

3) Open a terminal and get command line access to your hda. I performed the following steps at root.

4) Create directories for Music, Videos, Pictures under your new web app directory by doing the following:

4-a) Change working directory with [cd /var/hda/web-apps/roksbox/html/]

4-b) Create directory in that path with: [mkdir music] then [mkdir videos] then [mkdir pictures]

5) Change ownership of webapp with [chown –R apache:users /var/hda/web-apps/roksbox/html/]

6) Create symbolic links to your media shares from /var/hda/web-apps/roksbox/html/ by entering:

6-a) ln –s /var/hda/files/movies

6-b) ln –s /var/hda/files/music

6-c) ln –s /var/hda/files/pictures

7) Comment out config file as instructed at http://roksbox

You should now be able to point your browser to http://roksbox and see your directories you created with your media in their corresponding places. The remainder of the steps will be performed on your Roku device on the Roksbox channel.

8) Configure your Roksbox channel on your Roku with the wizard

8-a) use http://roksbox/ as the address (or whatever you named your home address if not

8-b) leave root folder blank

8-c) use [/movies], [/music] & [/pictures] as their corresponding path

That should do it.

Information on how to configure your Roksbox channel (or how to get it on your Roku), is on their website at