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Migration Instructions

The purpose of this guide is to explain how to upgrade from older versions of Amahi SABnzbd application (not SABnzbd Plus) to the new SABnzbd Plus version. In the past the application was an RPM-based install, but that has now changed to a source-based. This only has to be done one time. All new versions hereafter will automatically take care of any changes needed.

  • This will make upgrading simpler (all files are now in /var/hda/web-apps/sabnzbdplus/html). You can do it manually via downloading (Python Source file) and extracting new files into the directory or uninstall/reinstall the Amahi one-click app as it changes (settings file will be automatically backed up and restored as well).
  • The older versions utilize port 25914, so the new version has been configured to use 25915. This can be changed of course, but was done by design to allow both versions to run side-by-side for upgrade purposes. If you change the port, it must be changed in the /etc/httpd/conf.d/####-sabnzbdplus.conf file and httpd restarted.

You have SABnzbd (version < 0.6.10) and SABnzbd Plus (version 0.6.10) installed.

  1. Copy current Settings:
    • Copy /var/spool/sabnzbd/sabnzbd.ini file to your home directory.
    • This will allow you to read the setting you might want to incorporate in the new version.
    • Recommend you use the old sabnzbd.ini file as a reference for making changes to the new one.
  2. Copy Downloads:
    • Copy existing downloads from /var/spool/sabnzbd/incoming (whatever directory you have set) to /var/hda/files/newsgroups.
    • There is now a complete (incoming) and incomplete (incoming/temp) folders for Downloads.
    • Ensure permissions are correctly set (should match /var/spool/sabnzbd/incoming).
  3. Uninstall old version:
    • Uninstall via Amahi Dashboard. There may be some clean up needed
    • Remove init script and other files ( /etc/init.d/sabnzbd, /usr/bin/sabnzbd, /var/spool/sabnzbd)
    • Remove amahi-sabnzbd RPM (in case this was not removed on uninstall)
    • You will find a backup of your settings from the uninstall at /tmp/sabnzbd.ini.bak (in case you forgot to copy it).

If all goes well, you should now have the latest version.

NOTE: These instructions might require some updates, so please feel free to do so.

Upgrading to Latest

If you alreading running a version of the SABnzbd Plus one-click application and would like to upgrade to the latest version the procedure is simple. You need to log-in to the HDA dashboard and uninstall, then reinstall the application, your settings should be retained. As part of the uninstall procedure the sabnzbd.ini configuration file is copied to the newsgroup directory (/var/hda/files/newsgroups). The installation picks up this file and copies it to the sabnzbdplus install directory (/var/hda/web-apps/sabnzbdplus/html).

If you would like to maintain your queue history and bandwidth counters it is advisable to backup your administration directory.

cp /var/hda/web-apps/sabnzbdplus/admin/* /var/hda/files/newsgroups/admin

Remembering to reverse the procedure when you reinstall the new version.

To avoid having to back up your administration folder on each upgrade it is possible to alter the sabnzbd.ini file such that the admin folder is located in the newsgroup directory. This can be performed be either editing the .ini file or via sabnzbdplus web interface on the config/folders page.

If you have any problems reinstalling check that the program directory (/var/hda/web-apps/sabnzbdplus/) was completely deleted. This may occur if you have made any changes to the directory to include post processing scripts for other applications for example Sick Beard.

Accessing via IP Address

NOTE: Needed for using some SABnzbd remote control apps such as mynzb for the iPad

  • Open SABnzbd using http://sabnzbdplus
  • Navigate to the SABnzbd configuration page
  • Ensure the option for host is set to
  • Save changes using the icon at the bottom of the SABnzbd configuration page and then restart SABnzbd.

You should now be able to access SABnzbd using x.x.x.x:25915 (where "x" is the HDA IP address and "25915" is the default port of SABnzbd when installed via the HDA).

Troubleshooting (Amahi 7)

If you have problems with SABnzbd Plus, the configuration settings may be corrupt. To work around this issue, do the following:

  • Uninstall the app
  • Remove the backup of sabnzbd.ini file:
rm -rf /var/hda/files/newsgroups/sabnzbd.ini
  • Reinstall the app.

If all goes well, the app should be working again.

SABnzbd receives NZB from sickbeard / Couchpotato but does not download

  • Check your newsgroup server details in SABnzbd Config>Servers>
  • If your newsgroup server is not shown you will need to click add server.
  • Once you have entered your details and tested connection your queued download should continue to download.
  • Another common cause would be file permissions on your download folders incomplete and complete.