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All file sharing functionality in the Amahi HDA is now managed through the web browser interface found at http://setup

The first step is to create "users" who will be accessing the file shares. For example, one user for the wife and one for each of the kids.

The second step is to create the shares (another term for filing folders) to put the files.

The third step is to "Match the Shares with Users," that is, say which users save files or read from which shares.

Actually accessing your shares is the last step.

Step 1: Create Users

  • Click on the Users Tab
  • At the bottom of the page click the "New User"
  • Enter the information for the new user and click the "Create" button

You can always edit a user by clicking on their row in the Users table.

Step 2: Create Shares

  • Click on the Shares Tab
NOTE: By default, the system creates some common shares when it is installed (Books, Docs, Music, Pictures)
  • At the bottom of the page click "New Share"
    • 'Share Name is the name that you will see to access the share
    • Path Name is actually where the files will be stored (no need to change this manually unless you are 'hacking')
    • Visible indicates if users can see the share (if not checked the share is hidden)
    • 'Read Only means that users cannot save things in the share
  • Click the "Create" to create the share

Step 3: Match Shares with Users

  • Click on the share you want to match with users (I will use the Docs share for this example)
  • Visible defines if the share can be seen (without users having to manually enter its name)
  • By default the share is accessible by all users - I want it to be accessible to just one user. I uncheck the "All Users" check box. Now I can see the access rules for each user on the HDA.


  • Simply mark the "Access" column next to each user you want to be able to access the share
  • Mark the "Write" column for those user you want to be able to save files in the share.

Accessing your Shares


Your HDA shares files on your local network. Access to the shared files is through the share \\hda.

Note that you have to input \\hda in the file browser or other places where files are requested, not in the Internet browser. This is what you should see when using the default settings and there are two users in the system:


Also see Map Shares in Windows for assigning shares as network drives.


Refer to sharing to Mac OSX page for details.


See the sharing to Linux page for more information.