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As an inexperienced Linux user, I was tripped up by the instructions after completing the configuration. Where it says: "To test your new mounts, you can execute service mount_shares_locally start service mount_shares_locally stop will unmount the local shares.", I didn't realize that I needed to do that using sudo or as root. (Especially since it indicates to do other steps as root earlier in the article.)

I'd like to update the article to reflect this, but again, as a somewhat inexperienced user, I figured I should propose it here on the discussion page first. Any thoughts?

-- Andrew Craze

Page has been updated.


updates from testing in Amahi 7 / Fedora 19

I had to make two changes to get my shares mounted properly in Amahi 7 (rc8): - dropbox link to the script hosted at dropbox is wrong - was listed as but should be Have updated wiki accordingly.

- it seems that the database tables have changed since the script was written (either during Amahi 7 development or earlier?). I didn't edit the wiki for this one as I thought it may be Amahi 7 specific. The script line

mysql -u root -phda -e "select comment from shares" hda_production | grep -v "^comment$" | xargs -d "\n" mkdir -p

doesnt work - gives error "Unknown column 'comment' in 'field list'". Checking the actual columns it seems the right one is 'name'; I changed the script on my machine to

mysql -u root -phda -e "select name from shares" hda_production | grep -v "^comment$" | xargs -d "\n" mkdir -p

and reran the mount_shares_locally service - now works fine.