Turning off DHCP

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Note that a few of the benefits of your HDA, such as short names, etc. will not work if you disable DHCP on your server.

Here are the DHCP tradeoffs if you would like to only use some of the functionality.

Amahi 7 or greater (Fedora)

  • Verify Advanced Settings is enabled ( Setup > Settings and check the box labeled Advanced Settings )
  • Select Network tab, then Settings.
  • Uncheck DHCP Server check box.

Amahi 6 (Ubuntu 12.04.x)

NOTE: See DHCP Server bug #932. There is a work around included in the report.

The DHCP server in the HDA can be stopped by doing this:

  • Verify Advanced Settings is enabled.
  • Then go to the Settings --> Servers
  • Once there, find the DHCP Server and unselect:
    • Watchdog
    • Start at boot time
  • Then stop it.