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Stream your videos to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or browser.

Videos5 allows you to stream your MPEG-4 (H.264 only) videos using any HTML5-compliant browser that supports H.264: Safari (on computers and mobile devices) or Chrome (no Firefox / Opera).

To be available for streaming in this app, your video files needs to be MPEG-4 files, with the video stream encoded using the H.264 codec. You'll also want the audio stream to use a codec that your browser supports (most likely AAC). For each file that isn't compatible, Videos5 will allow you to create a new version that can be streamed on all devices.

Custom thumbnails

Details on how to display custom thumbnails for your videos and folders can be found in the CustomThumbnails page on Videos5 wiki

Custom Videos Paths

If you store your videos somewhere else than the default /var/hda/files/movies, you'll need to change that path in the Videos5 settings.

CustomVideosPaths page on Videos5 wiki

Custom Videos Encoding Options

You can change the default options used to encode videos in the same way you can change paths: by changing a MySQL entry.
CustomEncodingOptions page on Videos5 wiki

Custom Refresh Rate

You can change the daily 4am scan of your videos folder(s) to be more (or less) frequent.

Details can be found on the CustomRefresh page on Videos5 wiki