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The Amahi home server is a GNU/Linux-based, open-source network server, integrated with Fedora and Ubuntu.

  • It is meant to be headless, and running 24x7.
  • It has the following features:
    • Media streaming server
    • Application server
    • Centralized storage server
    • Print server
    • Calendar server
    • Remote access server via VPN (for secure remote access to your files)
    • ... and other types of installable services:

We think there are two "types" of users for our HDAs:

  • The technical user (the one who installs and runs it)
  • The real user of the home network: spouses, kids, etc.

We have a few features that are directed towards making life easier for one or the other, or both. However, ultimately, the real users are the non-technical users.

The features directed towards the technical user are meant to make his/her life easier when running a home network for the benefit of all the users.