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Warning.png WARNING
This is only for developers. Not ready for Production!

See Amahi Docs for the officially supported version, Amahi 10 on Fedora 25.


Develop and test installation of Amahi 11 with Fedora 26 for the next Amahi release.

NOTE: Due to the pending release of Fedora 27 in Nov 2017, testing of Amahi 11 for Fedora 26 has been suspended.

To Do

  • Create Amahi repo
  • Create apps
  • Test Apps
  • Build Amahi-specific RPMs:
    • amahi-anywhere
    • amahi-greyhole
    • amahi-plex
    • amahi-sync
    • amahi-netboot
  • Add to Amahi repo
    • netatalk (Bug #2229)
    • RPM Fusion Free
    • RPM Fusion Non-Free
    • HandBrake-cli
  • Test Netinstall method
  • Build apps testbot
  • Test upgrade (25 to 26)
  • Custom Fedora 26 CD with Kickstart (Bug #2143)

Recommended Changes

New Features

  • App Install Failure Link (Bug #1918)
  • Option to add to Samba Global settings (Bug #1341)
  • Log view in Dashboard App/Server Tab (Bug #2108)
  • Capability to rename server (Samba) to something other than \\HDA (Bug #1898)
  • Add access control for all users in the system (Bug #2099)
  • Simple setup for remote access of Web Apps (Bug #1859)
  • IPv6 support (Bug #1122)
  • Multiple install of web apps (Bug #1939)
  • Using wildcard DNS aliases (Bug #1721)
  • Inform user of app upgrade via dashboard (Bug #1512)
  • Add 7 Zip Archiver (Bug #1934)
  • Wake-on-LAN capability (Bug #2253)
  • Run PHP 5 apps in a container (Bug #2250)

Bug Fixes

  • Clean up hda-install (Bug #2122)
  • Webapps and dns aliases get stuck after a bad app install (Bug #1586)
  • Samba Config Errors (Bug #1841)
  • DNS bug block website if Fixed IP host name is "TV" Reproducable with other domains (Bug #1896)
  • Deleting user does not delete their home directory (Bug #1844)
  • HDA File Search (Bug #1786)
  • Access control not working if proxypass is used (Bug #2015)

Install from Scratch

Download the Fedora 26 Netinstall CD for 64 bit (484MB, Checksum SHA1 10957f5e347c9ef9d0d41faee13e60c808226f7c).

Burn the ISO to CD/DVD, insert the media into your server, and reboot the system.

Fedora 26

Should be able to follow the Install Fedora 25 guidance with the Fedora 26 Media.

Amahi 11

Should be able to follow the Install Amahi 10 guidance.

Except using f26 in the following line as follows (instead of f25 for Amahi 10):

rpm -Uvh

Upgrade from Fedora 25

Should be able to follow the Amahi 10 Upgrade page with this (as root, on the console, preferably, or via ssh and sudo):

dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
dnf system-upgrade download --refresh --releasever=26
dnf system-upgrade reboot

Application Testing (Grinder)

NO applications have been tested.

Development Notes

Test install of Amahi on Fedora 26 (Bug #2257)