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Develop and test installation of Amahi 11 with Fedora 26 for the next Amahi release. Fedora 26 is scheduled for final release on July 4, 2017.

To Do

  • Create Amahi repo
  • Create apps
  • Test Apps
  • Build Amahi-specific RPMs:
    • amahi-anywhere
    • amahi-greyhole
    • amahi-plex
    • amahi-sync
    • amahi-netboot
  • Add to Amahi repo
    • netatalk (Bug #2229)
    • RPM Fusion Free
    • RPM Fusion Non-Free
    • HandBrake-cli
  • Test Netinstall method
  • Build apps testbot
  • Test upgrade (25 to 26)
  • Custom Fedora 26 CD with Kickstart (Bug #2143)

Recommended Changes

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Clean up hda-install (Bug #2122)
  • Webapps and dns aliases get stuck after a bad app install (Bug #1586)
  • Samba Config Errors (Bug #1841)
  • DNS bug block website if Fixed IP host name is "TV" Reproducable with other domains (Bug #1896)
  • Deleting user does not delete their home directory (Bug #1844)
  • HDA File Search (Bug #1786)
  • Access control not working if proxypass is used (Bug #2015)

Install from Scratch


Upgrade from Fedora 25


Application Testing (Grinder)


Development Notes