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Welcome to Amahi 11!

The instructions below will guide you through the Amahi 11 installation, step by step, with screenshots for the install method you choose.


  • The only officially supported install media is Fedora 27 Server.
  • Ensure your system meets the minimum hardware requirements for Amahi before proceeding.
  • 32-bit installs are not available nor supported in Amahi 11.
  • NOT ALL apps in previous Amahi versions are available for Amahi 11. Check the App Store before proceeding.

For assistance, visit the Amahi Forums or live support on the Amahi IRC channel.


You need to obtain an install code (later referred to as YOUR-INSTALL-CODE) from the Amahi control panel after configuring a profile for the system you are installing, with proper network configuration for your network.

Install Method

There are three methods for installing Amahi 11 in the order preferred:

  • Minimal CD (a.k.a. Netinstall is best option)
  • Full DVD (provides additional hardware support when Netinstall fails)
  • Express DVD (quickest option, but not customizable and last resort)


Visit the troubleshooting page if you find yourself in trouble.


Refer to the HDA Admin How To page for Amahi Server administrator guidance.

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