Amahi 6.1

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Release Notes

  • Huge amount of fixes and improvements for Ubuntu! A few people are rumored to be running Amahi 6 on Ubuntu/Debian. Thanks to the U/D team!
  • Fix for running install scripts with elevated privileges for apps without a webapp, e.g. the new VNC one-click app works out of the box
  • Fix for properly setting the timezone in php.ini at installation time
  • CSS fixes for RTL (right to left) languages
  • New translation to Arabian, contributed by Abdulrhman Al-Khamees. Check out one the many screenshots!
  • New translation to Latvian, contributed by Ivo
  • New translation to Croatian, contributed by Vladimir
  • Finish off Latvian, Arabian, Hebrew, Russian and Finnish(Suomi) translations
  • Update logos to new Amahi logo - thanks BK!
  • Fix to add delay to amahi-download for more reliability in webapp installs
  • New module in the platform code to capture many/most/all platform-dependent things!
  • Dummy mode for development, where hdactl is ignored, so most system stuff is dropped on the floor and no errors are raised
  • Add platform bits to be able to run the platform on Mac OS X, mostly for development (don't get too excited :) )
  • Switch the available apps to be the first submenu and Installed Apps as the second will make things easier usability-wise - here is a screenshot of the prototype:
  • Enhanced support for uber advanced Network customizations, for the ninja networking guru in you


  • Add new disk wizard
  • Make it even easier to host apps from outside