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There are several types of HDA applications, from more specific to more general:

  • Built-in: Applications and functionality that come built-in in the HDA base system. They cannot really work outside.
  • Web Apps: these are applications from the Amahi app gallery - see Developers/AddingApps for details on how to add your apps
  • HDA plug-ins: These are applications that are specific to the HDA. They are mostly implemented on Ruby on Rails, though they can be implemented in PHP, Python, Flash, or any other language, like C, C++, etc. We have a few of these applications at the moment.
  • HDAized applications: these are applications that, with little modification, have been adapted to run on the HDA seamlessly or nearly seamlessly. We have DLNA (which is an HDAized version of MiniDLNA).
  • General Linux apps: because we're based on mainstream distributions, you can install most any Linux apps!

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Release Checklist

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