Linux-hda commands

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Linux Basic Commands

Linux Basic Commands most users will need.

General Linux/HDA Commands

Fedora (root user)

Command Action
systemctl restart httpd.service restart web server
dnf -y update automatically update Fedora
rpm -q hda-platform check to see what version of HDA you're running

Ubuntu (precede with sudo)

Command Action
service apache2 restart restart web server
apt-get -y upgrade automatically update Ubuntu

HDA Script Commands

NOTE: Must be run from the /var/hda/platform/html/script directory.

Command Action
first-admin returns name of first admin user
reset-user-password reset a forgotten user password

NOTE: Can be run from anywhere (located in /usr/bin).

Command Action
hda-change-gw change gateway/router IP address
hda-change-dns change DNS provider for HDA
hda-install-gem install a specific Ruby Gem
hda-create-db-and-user create MariaDB user and database
hda-new-install DEPRECATED
hda-php-zone-change change time zone
hda-refresh-shares refresh HDA shares
hda-fix-sudoers SYSTEM USE ONLY
hda-install Amahi 7 or greater ONLY
hda-install-file SYSTEM USE ONLY
hda-register-apps SYSTEM USE ONLY
hda-settings Dumps current settings
hda-update-webapps SYSTEM USE ONLY
hda-add-apache-sudoers SYSTEM USE ONLY
hda-diskmount Used to mount disk drives
hda-gems-install SYSTEM USE ONLY


Command Action
e2fsck -c /dev/sdb1 Check hard drive sdb1 for errors
​nscd -i hosts Clear DNS cache on HDA
​amahi-download similar to wget, but uses SHA1