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I'd like to start the open discussion here; here's my take on things:

1. I don't think we should stick with RPMs. While it is a LOT easier to package RPMs, most Ubuntu users have become used to Apt and the Debian style of packaging things. This will also help the updating side [switching to Apt], as they will automatically appear within the Update Manager if the repository is up.

2. The current Fedora version we have runs on a desktop machine. Ubuntu 10.04 is probably light enough, if not easier, on the memory than Fedora 12 on install in the Desktop edition. I also bet that if we develop for the desktop, we'll have fewer questions since there will be a GUI. I love working at the command line, but most do not ;)

3. In Ubuntu, updates are handled through two programs: update-manager and unattended-upgrades. The latter is disabled by default and the user must enable automatic download and install of such updates. We'll probably need to write a script that will change that for the user. The user can always be directed to use update-manager as necessary, however.

Cale250 19:45, 18 May 2010 (UTC)

As we are a small community do we have the manpower to update two different platforms of apps?

My immediate reponse is no. It's a nightmare checking the 200+ apps that we have in live and beta whenever we do another release.

Now I am not hating on a ubuntu port or even ubuntu (I'm a happy Ubuntu 10.04 user) but manpower considerations must be taken into account.

pjcrux 21:45, 23 May 2010 (UTC)

Feedback from a test on a small spare machine I've got at home with Ubuntu 10.04 32 bits, etc.: The hda-install got stuck at the creation of the db tables:

(...) Activating your HDA's settings ERROR 1146 (42502) at line 1: Table 'hda_production.settings' doesn't exist /usr/bin/hda-install:134:in 'prepare: Table 'hda_production.settings' doesn't exist (Mysql::Error)

 from /usr/bin/hda-install:134:in 'autoconfigure_network'
 from /usr/bin/hda-install:927:in 'do_full_install'
 from /usr/bin/hda-install:1409:in 'main'
 from /usr/bin/hda-install:1412

In case it matters, it's a Pentium III with 256 Mb RAM.

Any hint on how to continue?

I searched for any .sql file in order to manually create that db (I also installed the extra phpmyadmin, and I could see that lamp is apparently working fine, ...).