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Amahi Release (Common)


  • Configuring OpenDNS: Allows filtering or block domain names (web sites) and provides statistics.
  • Punching DNS Holes: access a URL (or any host) outside with the same domain in your internal network.


  • Manage Shares: Create, edit, delete, and manage file shares configuration.
  • Backups: Backup from your network PCs to the Amahi HDA.


  • Greyhole: Setup/configure/manage Greyhole Storage Pooling.
  • Greyhole Tips: Tips and best practices for the use of Greyhole with Amahi.


  • Hardware Changes: Steps for hardware changes on HDA (i.e. mother board, network card, etc).

Amahi Release (Specific)

Community Tutorials


See the Troubleshooting page for assistance.